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Presentation Instructions

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This page includes instructions for preparing site presentations and advance information about how the site presentations will be run at the meeting.  

Site Supplemental Slides Deadline:  October 18, 2023

Site Presentation Submission Deadline:  October 26, 2023

Research Community Presentation Deadline:  October 26, 2023

Site Presentations (Friday, Oct 27)

  • Site presentations will be a combination of a prompted question and panel discussions. Each site will present in a group of four sites.
  • During each session, the sites will first give a 10-minute presentation which should address the prompt: "What successful examples of programs, activities, and relationships in the current NNCI could be adapted or expanded for multiple sites in a future network to increase impact? " There is no PowerPoint template for your site presentation. Please add your presentations to the shared Google folder or email them to Sara Ostrowski ( by October 26.
  • Each group of 4 sites will also address a specific panel topic, led by one of the site directors, and these will be assigned by the Coordinating Office (let us know if you have any preferences, and these will be respected on a first come-first served basis). The panel topics this year are:
  1. What can a set of future nanotechnology infrastructure sites do to expand their impact regionally?                                            
  2. What role does the NNCI currently play in workforce development and how can a future infrastructure improve upon and scale these efforts?
  3. How can an NSF-funded nanotechnology program help lead and nucleate the broader national nanotechnology infrastructure ecosystem?
  4. How does NNCI support national research priorities, and how can this be enhanced in a future nanotechnology infrastructure?

Supplemental Slides 

  • Because the site presentations are so short, please provide supplemental information that will be shared with all attendees (which includes NNCI Advisory Board and NSF Program Officers). The PowerPoint template for this information is the same as previous years (please save under a different name before editing). The user data to include is the same as you used for your Year 8 Annual Report submitted in May. Please provide this document to David Gottfried ( by Oct. 18.

Research Communities Presentations (Friday, Oct 27)

There will be a conference session devoted to NNCI Research Communities. Research Community leaders should be prepared to provide a 10-minute update on recent activities, lessons learned, and future plans. Please let David know who will be presenting on behalf of each Research Community.  Please add your presentations to the shared Google folder or email them to Sara Ostrowski ( by October 26.